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1 37e34 554414305Підведено підсумки І туру зимової університетської олімпіади з англійської мови серед студентів 4-го курсу.

On December 19, 2016 teachers and students of Foreign and Slavonic Philology Department heartily welcomed the participants of Year 4 Winter English Competition.
The competition, held by Germanic Philology Chair, was aimed at both motivating senior students of English and assessing their language proficiency. To prove their advanced-level English competence, the participants readily faced the challenge of complex paper structure combined with advanced authentic tasks. They enthusiastically competed in various kinds of activities, including listening, reading and writing. The seniors also demonstrated their mastery at grammar and vocabulary command.
This-year champion has turned out to be Katerina Sherbinina (group 341.1), who won the University English Competition last year and showed prominent results in the all-Ukrainian round of English Competition held in Kyiv State Linguistic University.
Other prize-winners of the event are Victoria Kalashnyk (341.2), Anastasia Kamtchatna (343) and Maryna Kiselyova (341.1).
The Department is proud with the resultative work of its students and teachers. The faculty and students congratulate and thank all the participants for their diligence and ambition.
Good luck in the II University English Competition round!
Hanna Podosynnikova

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