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bezymyannyy 69f74 1657624712Our Alma Mater never breaks with traditions, especially those who relate to comedy performances. The annually held Winter Social is enthusiastically supported by the English students who always do their best to demonstrate both their language skills and DRAMATIC TALENTS, and by our professors who always render their help eagerly.

On the 26th of December the traditional event was brilliantly held by 4th-year students of Foreign and Slavonic Philology Department who made their excellent English showings  that literally brought the house down. All performances added spice to the overall pattern of the day through watching bright audacious performances in English with our university students with the help of their associate professors Hanna Podosynnikova, Svitlana Aleksenko and Tatyana Burenko.

The teams demonstrated the wide variety of plots, acting, costumes, decorations and vocabulary, while the core of the event was the sense of belonging, of doing something worthy and inspiring. The winter show was judged by extremely qualified jurors the American fellow Wendy Finlayson,  senior lecturers Lyudmila Balatsenko, Julia Korobova and magister student Alex Higiniishvili

For freshmen, sophomores, juniors and post-graduate students that was a golden opportunity to get together, to enjoy the English language and to plunge into the merry Christmas atmosphere headlong. Never was it so great!

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